Empowering the youth through education

Education Comes First works with non profit youth organizations to ensure they maintain a high level of education that helps build confidence, social and emotional well-being, and foster a passion for the love of learning. 

Why advocate for the importance of education?

As youth development advocates, we are constantly researching positive practices for school-age programming. Out-of-school-time (OST) programs are an essential and integral part of enhancing the academic and social well-being of a child. Students participating in California’s After School Learning & Safe Neighborhoods Program improved their standardized test scores in reading twice as much as students nationwide. After-school programs provide a strong base for nurturing children’s literacy development and providing a variety of types of literacy experiences.
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Current Partner Sites
Our goal is to support 100 organizations throughout the U.S. who want to join in our mission of inspiring the youth by furthering their education outside of the classroom.
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Member spotlight

Boxing club owner puts students education ahead of the ring

Kids boxing after school program
Ethan reading a book to his class
Member story

Ethan’s Story

Ethan is a 12-year-old boy that presents with learning deficits, negative self-confidence and co-dependency on academic skills and problem solving. Last summer he struggled to get through a full day and was often picked up early due to his behavior and ability to remain engaged and in control.

This year Ethan has participated in Khan Academy, reading buddies, DEAR and STEAM. Ethan is now able to complete homework at the club, attend to small group reading, and behave during quiet reading center time! His mother has commented on his behavior at home improving and she also noted he was making social gains by having more friends and less conflicts with his siblings.

We believe that our methods and mixture of academics, mentoring, and stable positive environment help so many youngsters just like Ethan every day!
Today a reader, tomorrow a leaderToday a reader, tomorrow a leader
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